1. Practical digital photography assignments for the Digital Photography School community to participate in.

      444 Threads
      89,135 Posts
    2. How I took It (25 Viewing)

      A space for readers to share a digital image and tell us how they took it.

      2,149 Threads
      21,455 Posts
    3. Before and After (4 Viewing)

      A space for readers to share their post production skills (and for others to learn how they did it).

      2,591 Threads
      20,672 Posts

      Black and White Hostas

      Yesterday, 07:44 PM by PhotoNinjaMan

    4. A place for discussion on earning money with photography

      4,102 Threads
      47,385 Posts
    5. Competitions (2 Viewing)

      A home for photography competitions of all shapes and sizes.

      89 Threads
      1,231 Posts

      Lightbulb Win $250 with Photopuff...

      04-19-2014, 01:22 PM by Aminovic

    6. General Chit Chat (166 Viewing)

      Introductions, Off topic Discussion, Suggestions and Feedback

      19,401 Threads
      229,196 Posts
    7. Games & Challenges (7 Viewing)

      A place for all Games and challenges members come up with :)

      427 Threads
      63,858 Posts
    8. The place to organise your global photo walks and/or meet with other members

      233 Threads
      1,451 Posts

      Sydney, Australia

      04-09-2014, 08:34 AM by RichardTaylor

    1. Share your landscape and cityscape photos here.

      13,354 Threads
      70,027 Posts
    2. People - SYS (10 Viewing)

      Share your people related images here.

      10,537 Threads
      60,685 Posts
    3. Macro & Close Up - SYS (12 Viewing)

      A place to share your best macro photographs.

      5,617 Threads
      29,164 Posts
    4. Share your awesome animal and wildlife photos here.

      8,251 Threads
      39,613 Posts

      Cool Red Dragon

      Today, 05:44 AM by patrickwilson86

    5. Show us your processed, HDR and other digitally altered images.

      3,589 Threads
      15,405 Posts

      Ford Hot Rod

      Yesterday, 09:18 PM by ZafarSami

    6. Share your sports and action photographs here!

      1,926 Threads
      8,693 Posts
    7. Photojournalism - SYS (6 Viewing)

      Your story telling through photographs.

      827 Threads
      4,592 Posts
    8. Other - SYS (17 Viewing)

      If it doesn't fit in one of the other SYS categories, put it here!

      10,168 Threads
      58,930 Posts
    9. A place to share your 52's and your 365's - And other projects.

      1,902 Threads
      9,200 Posts

      My Project 52 (2014)

      04-22-2014, 12:18 PM by rusty gates

    10. SYS Archive (21 Viewing)

      This forum CLOSED. Please use one of the new SYS forums HERE

      43,945 Threads
      376,026 Posts

      Make a wish ... sooon ... !

      02-28-2010, 03:06 PM by nicholasleezt

    1. A place to get critique on your landscape / cityscape photos. Please follow the posting rules..

      9,018 Threads
      54,504 Posts

      raw root

      Yesterday, 09:12 PM by ZafarSami

    2. People - Critique (8 Viewing)

      A place to get critique on your people related photos, be they portrait, candid or whatever. Please follow the posting rules..

      10,717 Threads
      75,915 Posts
    3. A place to get critique on your Macro photos. Please follow the posting rules..

      3,450 Threads
      15,770 Posts
    4. A place to get critique on your Animal/Wildlife photos. Please follow the posting rules..

      3,503 Threads
      17,931 Posts


      Yesterday, 05:39 PM by Lauchlan Toal

    5. A place for heavily processed photos IE: HDR etc.. that require critique. Please be sure to read the rules before posting..

      1,945 Threads
      12,177 Posts
    6. A place for sports or action photos that require critique. Please be sure to read the rules before posting..

      1,260 Threads
      8,433 Posts

      Skier cross

      Today, 12:32 AM by RobC3

    7. Other - Critique (4 Viewing)

      A place for other photos that require critique but with no obvious section of its own. Please be sure to read the rules before posting..

      3,679 Threads
      16,592 Posts


      04-22-2014, 08:06 PM by destaniG

    8. Our Archives of our critique section before it was categorised ...

      5,264 Threads
      33,269 Posts
    9. Comparison - Critique (5 Viewing)

      You have two edits of the same photo, you'd like critique and help choosing between the two - here's the place to do it.

      1,009 Threads
      6,979 Posts

      Rusted Bike Crop

      Yesterday, 10:56 PM by sk66

    1. Composition (13 Viewing)

      Tips, Discussion and Questions of Composition Techniques

      776 Threads
      6,727 Posts
    2. Tutorials (50 Viewing)

      A place where members can submit and share tutorials that they have written themselves. DPS welcomes your submissions for this new section! Please contact Sime™ via pm...

      817 Threads
      6,167 Posts
    3. Landscape Photography (13 Viewing)

      Tips, Questions and Discussion of Landscape Photography

      1,147 Threads
      8,698 Posts

      Filters vs lenshood

      04-21-2014, 05:29 AM by Jimr1961

    4. Photoshop and more

      4,824 Threads
      30,324 Posts

      Why Do Composities Have a...

      Yesterday, 10:31 PM by sk66

    5. Photographing People (26 Viewing)

      Tips, Questions and Discussion on portrait photography

      2,290 Threads
      16,756 Posts

      Wedding Photography

      04-18-2014, 07:02 AM by jennybeth

    6. Lighting (55 Viewing)

      Every aspect of lighting, on and off camera and "ghetto" lighting can be discussed in here - post examples, get help, give advice...

      2,053 Threads
      15,473 Posts

      Lighting a party bus

      Yesterday, 10:11 AM by inayatabbas

    7. Tips, Questions and Discussion on photographing the smaller things in life

      1,053 Threads
      6,529 Posts

      starting with macro

      04-12-2014, 11:49 PM by sk66

    8. 2,770 Threads
      19,760 Posts
    9. Nude Photography (2 Viewing)

      Tips, Questions and Discussion of Nude Photography **No Porn - you will be banned**

      456 Threads
      3,698 Posts

      Jolene and the Can am

      04-22-2014, 02:16 PM by sk66

    1. Digital Cameras (203 Viewing)

      Reviews, Questions and Discussion of Digital Cameras by Brand

      7,851 Threads
      59,394 Posts

      Help with first DSLR

      Yesterday, 05:44 PM by Lauchlan Toal

    2. Software, lenses, printers, scanners etc

      6,107 Threads
      38,614 Posts
    3. Gear For Sale (2 Viewing)

      Photography Gear for Sale | Please note MAKE SURE YOU'RE NOT BEING SCAMMED! (If it's too good to be true, it is!)

      1,094 Threads
      3,437 Posts

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